4 Sep: PERFORMANCE: Bodytext by Simon Biggs (UK), Sue Hawksley (UK) and Garth Paine (UWS)

Date: Saturday 4 September, 2010
Time: 4 to 6pm Performance followed by sunset drinks
Cost: FREE
Registration: RSVP by Wednesday 1 September OPEN TO PUBLIC
Location: Critical Path, Rushcutters Bay More information

Bodytext is a performance of new work that involves speech, movement and the body by Simon Biggs and Sue Hawksley and Garth Paine following their residency at Bundanon Trust.

A dancer will be sited within an environment augmented and mediated by various technologies, including sensing instrumentation, speech recognition systems and digital audio-visual displays. The dancer's movements and speech will be captured and rewritten into a projection of text animated by the choreography of the performance, which will also be tracked to generate all the music for the performance in realtime.

The work questions and offers insight into the relations between kinaesthetic experience, agency, representation and language.

Sunset drinks following the presentation.

More about the artists here.


Video recording of Bodytext performance at SEAM 2010 launch, 4 September 2010

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